Regional Location; Kirkenes

In Kirkenes, Norterminal will not be the first large industrial development to pioneer the technical and political challenges; it can benefit from existing and future industrial developments in the area.

  • Kirkenes proves to be the ice-free Norwegian port that is closest to Murmansk (130 nautical miles), enabling quick circulation of shuttling oil tankers from Barents/Pechora Sea (compare: Hammerfest at 298 miles)
  • Kirkenes authorities and stakeholders appear to have ample experience with industrial developments of similar size/complexity to that of Norterminal (example: KILA);
  • Kirkenes appears to offer a good platform of consultancy and services companies with know-how and experience of the area
  • With Russian oil majors as primary customers at the terminal, the good relationships of the Kirkenes municipality with Russian officials create interesting potential benefits
  • The rail connection with Murmansk may offer future logistic solutions for oil supply-chain flexibility
  • The Kirkenes workforce is of good size and experienced with industry
  • Kirkenes has excellent connectivity for (inter)national corporate staff and terminal employees through its airport (frequent direct flights to Oslo)

Terminal Location; Gamneset

  • The Gamneset small peninsula offers an attractive location for mooring vessels alongside its coastline, protected from possible winds and waves
  • The coastline onshore is near flat, but drops almost as a vertical cliff under the waterline, which creates a natural quay that can be equipped with fenders and loading equipment (to be detailed further)
  • There are little signs of habitation
  • Geological formation appears favorable for rock cavern installation
  • The creation of Norterminal alongside the Bergen Group initiative at pulkneset, can offer synergy potential with such adjacent developments

At Gamneset, the Norterminal will be ideally positioned with good nautical accessibility and mild weather conditions, and with onshore favorable topography of ample acreage. The Gamneset option would have additional benefits by being uncontested and offering attractive constructability for its quays.