Quay/berth design

The design ship is normally the largest ship expected to berth the port/quay. In this project we have agreed to design two types of quays, import quays and export quay. Design ships for these two different quays are as follows:

LOA and Max draft are average figures covering 95% of the world fleet of tankers. This is taken from a table published in year 1998 and more accurate figures should be investigated in the next phase of the project. In detailed design smaller ships must also be considered, but this is normally accommodated by minor adjustment and supplementary mooring facilities such as bollards and fender systems. The table above showed the maximum draft for 70.000 dwt oil tanker being approximately 15 m and 23 m for a 300.000 dwt oil tanker. To define the required water depth in the harbor basin, tidal variation and corrections listed in the table below shall be considered.