Advantages with a new bulk liquid terminal in Northern Norway

A high standard tank terminal will enable both exporter and product buyers to have a reliable point to store products.
With planned and efficient production and inventory, more products can be exported at a lower cost.
Optimally planned production, transportation, and inventory, enable continuous deliveries to buyers for contract sales, instead of unpredictable spot sales.
Russian exporters of oil and gas will benefit from increased volumes, reduced congestion, waiting time and demurrage cost at load port; it will reduce the need for Ship to Ship transfers, and improve logistics at the end destinations.
Land-based storage solution will reduce risk of environmental accidents and provide reliable uptime independent of weather conditions.
Logistics costs and throughput cost will be significantly reduced:

  • Optimize use of ice class tankers with higher costs, exclusively utilized to shuttle oil products from ice-restricted ports to a consolidation tank terminal hub
  • Larger, non-ice class tankers with lower ton/mile transportation cost to be utilized for worldwide distribution