Our Strategy will be to provide the infrastructure required for the growth in the region through a safe, effective and environmentally friendly storage solution.  With our Multi-user/public terminal concept and design we will offer clients a “Safe haven” for shipping in rough Arctic waters. In addition NORTERMINAL will be a Custom free zone for cargo in transit

Our vision is to be a leading provider of a world scale logistics terminal and trading platform in the Barents region in order to facilitate continuous and predictable production, sales and export for Russian and Norwegian oil and trading companies.

Our mission is to build, operate and provide, a reliable land based tank storage terminal in Northern Norway, for oil and oil products exported from ice restricted ports, for reliable, low cost, onward shipments in large tankers.


Mr. Jacob B. Stolt-Nielsen is the founding partner of NORTERMINAL. He has previously held the position as President of Stolthaven Terminals, where he built up Stolt-Nielsen’s global tank storage business.